Norson Design

Design, Engineering, and Project Services for High Performance Advanced Craft

Discover our unique solutions and product lines

Hull Design

Wide array of proven military, leisure, and racing hulls.

Propulsion DesigN

Three decades of design and engineering expertise complement our unique, robust, and lightweight propulsion solutions.

Structural Design

Advanced composite design and manufacturing support, also precise aluminum and steel capabilities.

Who we are

Dedicated Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Fluid and Aero Dynamicists, Structural Engineers, Offshore Racers, and Project Managers.

Fully active within the marine sector for over thirty years with multiple projects completed successfully, many of which hold records.

The passion for performance and unique solutions drives to innovate.

Some of our key accolades include the following

World Highest Speed Military Craft in Operation

The infamous WP18 still remains the worlds most advanced and fastest naval vessel in operation.

Current Record holder Cork-Fastest High Speed Endurance Run

Our Zero Dark 12.8 RIB holds this esteemed title thanks to it excellent handling in seas and exceptional speeds up to 85 knots.

Europe's Fastest Production Catamaran

The XC10 is an exquisitely styled and designed power cat with racing heraldry capable of speeds in the 120mph range.

World's Largest Center Console

We are proud to have been selected to design this remarkable vessel’s hull as well as supply the full engineering and production design package.